May 2006

La Nación. Letters to the editor: Wallenberg

To the Editor:

Recently, the media reported on the annual speech that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, delivered before both Houses of the Legislature at the Marble Room in the Kremlin. It is at least bizarre that the Russian Chief of State, who openly criticizes other nation’s human rights policies, made no reference to a matter related to the human rights agenda in his own country.

President Putin has the possibility to make history with concrete deeds instead of bare ”public speaking”. He could reveal the truth about Raoul Wallenberg’s destiny (a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of lives during the Holocaust and was arrested and dissapeared by the Soviet Army in 1945).

Argentina, a country that has suffered in its own flesh the tragedy of the ”missing people”, should not be indifferent to this great injustice. President Putin has now the opportunity to demonstrate that Russia cares about universal values such as liberty, democracy and human rights. Wallenberg is a worldwide hero and the truth about his fortune must be unveiled.

Dr. Natalio Wengrower
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

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Motion to the Senate of Canada to Implore President of Russia to Assist in Locating Raoul Wallenberg

Senator Di Nino presented a Motion to the Senate of Canada addressing the situation and I have attached a copy of this Motion for your information.

Debates of the Senate (Hansard)

1st Session, 39th Parliament,
Volume 143, Issue 14

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Letters to President Vladimir Putin

On January 17th 1945, Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews in Hungary during the Holocaust, was captured by the Soviets never to be seen again.

The one person who can solve this mystery and help us all bring Raoul home is the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

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We have read in your newspaper (”Ha’aretz Supplement – April 7th., 2006) an interview with the President of Brazil, better known as Lula. Here’s a quote:

”Also should not be forgotten the legacy of the Brazilian Ambassador to Paris, Souza Dantas, who during the War extended Brazilian visas to hundreds of Jews, and by so doing he saved them from Nazism”.

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Jewish Raoul Wallenberg deserves burial


Every so often we read an article about Raoul Wallenberg and are reminded of a man who single-handedly saved more than 100,000 Jews from death at the hands of the Nazis in World War II Europe.

No person in history saved so many lives by his individual efforts. Raoul Wallenberg was internationally honored for his heroic acts in the struggle for human rights.

On Jan. 17, 1945, this Swedish diplomat was detained by Soviet soldiers and disappeared from world view. Wallenberg’s fate and the location of his grave remain a mystery to this day.Diplomatic efforts should be redoubled to locate the Wallenberg grave and bring his body home to Sweden for honorable burial, which he so richly deserves.We should make our views known to those who represent us in Congress.

Herman Bronstein

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Raoul Wallenberg in the Classroom

At the Birchwood School in Cleveland, Ohio, seventh grader Chloe Pruitt and her schoolmate Henna created a documentary on Raoul Wallenberg ”Passports to Freedom: Raoul Wallenberg’s Courageous Stand for the Jews of Budapest” as a part of the annual National History Day contest following this year’s theme, ”Taking a Stand in History.”

Caroline Tubbs, teacher of Advanced Placement English Literature at Carthage High School in Carthage, Missouri, gave her students a project in order for them to gain an understanding of the worldwide impact of the Holocaust. For the project students Sara Stone and Samantha Pauley developed a website on Raoul Wallenberg. Stone said that through the project, she learned that it is important to not forget the Holocaust, though some may want to, otherwise history may repeat itself.

Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy and dedication to saving Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis is the core of the Wallenberg Foundation’s educational program which seeks to promote understanding of human dignity, liberty, justice and equality.

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Screening of ”Journey to Jerusalem”

New York City, NY. The Jewish Community Center and the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presented ”Journey to Jerusalem,” which narrates the story of two German children escaping the Nazi regime; and arriving safely in Jerusalem with help from Bulgarians, is one of those movies determined to educate the audience about the Bulgarian involvement with the saving of more than 50,000 Jews during World War II. The screening of the film, took place at the JCC Manhattan and was part of the Bulgarian – American Festival for the Arts and Culture.

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Clarín. The opening of the greatest Holocaust file containing 50 millon documents

It was created in 1943 and the Red Cross managed it.

The documents were elaborated by the Nazi burocracy. Eighteen millon victims are mentioned there. By the end of the year, investigators and historians will have access to them.

Records of dental treatments and medical experiments of concentration camps prisoners. The causes of the arrest and killing of the prisoners. Or the payment registers of the forced workers. All these documents written by the nazi burocracy will be soon available for the investigators.

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The Sharps

By Margie Burns

A native of Providence, Rhode Island, Martha Ingham Dickie attended services at her local Unitarian Church from the age of three. The church of Martha’s childhood believed in religious free-thinking, respect for diversity and world service, and these values seeped into her soul and was the foundation of her entire life of service to others.

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ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (AP) — A former Nazi scientist who was linked to experiments on prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp in Germany has been ousted from the International Space Hall of Fame.

Hubertus Strughold, who had been honored in 1978 for work in developing the spacesuit and space capsule and for his contributions to space medicine, was removed last week by unanimous vote of the New Mexico Museum of Space History’s commission.

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The Jerusalem Post. Israel protests Poland’s new coalition

Israel has expressed its concern to the Polish government over the inclusion of a far-right political party with anti-Semitic ideology in the government coalition, but stopped short of announcing an official boycott of the party’s leader who has been appointed the Polish education minister, the Foreign Ministry announced Friday.

Israeli Ambassador to Poland David Peleg conveyed Israel’s dismay over the inclusion of the marginal ultra-nationalist League of Polish Families Party in the Polish government in a meeting with Polish President Lech Kaczynski, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.

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