April 2006

Declaration of the Buenos Aires City Parliament

Jorge Enriquez, Argentine Parliament

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires adheres to the international claims regarding the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg and asks the National Government to express itself before the world organizations and the Russian Government.

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Bernardo Jerochim is German citizen again

Bernardo Jerochim, a shoe shine man of Buenos Aires for the last 50 years, recovered his German citizenship last April 11th.

His story goes back to the Nazi Germany when his parents escaped to Argentina along with their ten children. In 1941 a nazi law took away the German citizenship to all the German Jews.

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Clarín. The shoeshine is a German citizen again.

He lived 65 years without citizenship for being a Jewish

”I am happy and moved because a dream comes true” said Bernardo Jerochim dressed in an impeccable blue suit and wearing a tie that was a gift from one of his clients to whom, everyday and for the last 50 years, he shines his shoes in Buenos Aires downtown. This 78-years old man, who until yesterday had no citizenship from any country, is a German citizen again.

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Clarín. Claim to Vladimir Putin

The Wallenberg Foundation tries to meet Russian Prime Minister Mijail Fradkov who will visit Argentina tomorrow. The Foundation asks President Vladimir Putin to unveil the final destiny of former diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who dissapeared in Russia in 1945.

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Senators and members of the Argentine congress write to the President of Russia

Former Formula 1 ace driver and current Senator in Argentina, Carlos Reutemann, addresses President Vladimir Putin, claiming for the appeareance of Raoul Wallenberg

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La Nación. Frustration

Sixty one years ago Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, risked his life saving thousands of persons condemned to death by Adolf Hitler’s plan. On January 17th 1945 was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army and since then his whereabouts are a mystery. According to the Wallenberg Foundation, an Argentine NGO, ”the Soviet line stuck always to the argument that Wallenberg died in 1947, while in prison, from a heart attack. However there are witnesses that saw Wallenberg alive during the ’70’s and ’80’s.” The Foundation believes that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, ”is the only person who can solve the mystery”, and accordingly they launched a worldwide campaign that aims to collect 100,000 signatures claiming for the solution of the case. The visit to Argentina of the Russian Prime Minister Michail Fradkov was a ”good oportunity” to the Wallenberg Foundation and hence they asked for a meeting with Fradkov. The had no success.

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The Wallenberg Foundation pays tribute to five Saviors of World War II

Wednesday, April 26th. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation honored five Saviors of Portuguese speaking countries together with the Consulates of Portugal and Brazil in New York on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The homaging ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 26th at the Brazilian Consulate, located at 1185 Avenue of the Americas on the 21st floor.

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Sousa Mendes, with God against Men

Holocaust Savior, Sousa Mendes, commemorated on the anniversary of his death.

New York and New Jersey Schools visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage today in memory of Aristides de Sousa Mendes. School buses arrived and the commemoration guided visit began at the Rescuer’s Gallery of the Museum, located at 36 Battery Place. The event, aimed at recognizing the anniversary of Sousa Mendes’ death, was available to the patrons of the museum.

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Saviors On The Screen

A Holocaust Day Memorial Film Marathon to be held in New York

New York City. April 24th through April 25th. The Jewish Community Center and the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presented ”Saviors on the Screen”, a Holocaust Memorial Film Marathon. A diverse audience that included students and survivors attended the screenings of four films that depicted the Holocaust through the rescuers’ perspective.

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Performance of ”Messages for Raoul Wallenberg”

A performance of ”Messages for Raoul Wallenberg”, composed by Terry Winter Owens, took place on Friday, April 28 in Snider Recital Hall, California State University Stanislaus. The extraordinary compassion of the Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who saved the lives of over 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, is the subject of this work. The composition was performed by Deborah Kavasch, soprano, Caryl Mae Scott, flute, Daniel Davies, cello, and Stephen Thomas, piano. ”Messages for Raoul Wallenberg” was awarded first prize in the IAWM Miriam Gideon Competition in 2001. It was recently performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in NY by members of the Alaria Chamber Ensemble and guest artists Patricia Sonego, soprano and Richard Locker, cellist.

Holocaust Day Seminar

The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation was invited to speak at the Holocaust Program organized by The Israel America Foundation. Abigail Tenembaum, Vice President of the Foundation, talked about the Saviors phenomena before an audience of about 60 men and women, many of them survivors of the Holocaust. The seminar was held at the Workmen’s Circle in Manhattan. Other speakers included survivor Simon Taylor and filmmaker Gabriela Moraru, as well as excerpts of the film ”Unsung Heroes” about Jewish people who saved Jews from the Nazi regime. The seminar concluded with the lighting of 6 candles in remembrance of the 6 million Jewish people who perished during the war.

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Swissinfo. Lutz honoured for Holocaust rescues

A memorial plaque to honour Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz who rescued more than 60,000 Jews during the Second World War has been unveiled in Budapest.

The third monument to Lutz in the Hungarian capital, the plaque is mounted on the Glass House, which the diplomat helped set up to handle Jews emigrating to Palestine.

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