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  • NewsBreak: Raoul Wallenberg’s family seeks Obama’s help to find out WWII hero’s fate

    STOCKHOLM — The family of World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg will ask President Barack Obama for help in their quest to find out what happened to the Swedish diplomat who vanished after being arrested by Soviet forces in 1945. Wallenberg’s niece, Marie Depuy, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the family will present […]

  • Tom Lantos

    Congressman Lantos did earn such a heroe’s farewell by his peers, countrymen, dignitaries and world celebrities. He was a unique legislator in more than one sense. He had only one master: his passion for human rights. Undoubtedly, the fact he was a Holocaust survivor whose life was saved by the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, had […]

  • The death of a unique human being and statesman

    The death of Congressman Lantos is leaving a huge void. Lantos was a unique figure in the US Congress. A Holocaust survivor and anti-Nazi underground fighter who was saved by the Swedish diplomat – Raoul Wallenberg. He never forgot the legacy of his savior, always embracing the causes in favor of human rights. As a […]

  • Chavez’s Anti-Semitism

    Mr. Foxman addresses a very important point and his concern is shared by many. Venezuela is a country to be reckoned with and it certainly deserves to enjoy and embrace the highest values of democracy and human rights. I have recently read an appealing book written by two Argentinean-born pedagogues based in Israel: Prof. Jaime […]

  • Obama’s Farrakhan Test

    Richard Cohen’s call to Mr Obama to comdemn the Trumpet Newsmagazine’s award to Farrakhan is totally justified. Mr Obama is an honest politician and we are sure he repudiates the award. On Jan 17th., the world marks the 63rd anniversary of the disappearance of the Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews from […]