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  • Eduardo Eurnekian, from Argentina and Armenia to the whole world

    Eduardo Eurnekian is an Argentine businessman of Armenian origin, born on December 4, 1932 in Buenos Aires. He is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latin America. His enterprises are related to infrastructure, agriculture, energy, retail and banking, in Argentina, Armenia and other countries around the world. Together with the International Raoul Wallenberg […]

  • Sculptor Ann Froman unveils her sculpture ”Heroes”

    The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and Casa Argentina en Israel – Tierra Santa, Present Sculptor Ann Froman, who continues to excite the art world with her emotionally powerful sculpture: Heroes. On the darkest day in America’s recent history, Ann Froman felt compelled to create the masterpiece known today as ”Heroes of 9/11”. The memorial would […]

  • The other face of Sweden: Ben Olander

    Ben was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1950. He enjoyed a particularly happy childhood. His family, though, was singularly intolerant of music. In a period of pure teenage rebellion Ben started to play the guitar just to upset his parents. Once when his father came upon Ben practicing on his guitar, he roared at him, […]

  • The Norwegian shame

    At the beginning of 2009, the Norwegian government announced a one-year long event about the life of the writer Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), celebrating 150 years since his birth. Hamsun, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920, was also a fervent supporter of Adolf Hitler. Last March, Norway took over the presidency of the […]

  • Interview to Baruch Tenembaum: ”Thousands of Jews owe their lives to John XXIII”

    Baruch Tenembaum is a well-known Argentinean Jewish business man and ecumenical activist, founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, together with his late friend Tom Lantos. More active than ever, he is always in search of testimonials of people who saved Jews during the Holocaust… as a duty and as a obligation. Baruch Tenembaum is […]