October 5, 2009

Sculptor Ann Froman unveils her sculpture ”Heroes”


The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and Casa Argentina en Israel – Tierra Santa, Present Sculptor Ann Froman, who continues to excite the art world with her emotionally powerful sculpture: Heroes.

On the darkest day in America’s recent history, Ann Froman felt compelled to create the masterpiece known today as ”Heroes of 9/11”. The memorial would combine two strong messages: the acknowledgement of this unthinkable tragedy, and the ability to rise above it and look to the future. Yet due to an accident that partially blinded her for over 2 years, her vision for this tribute could not be immediately realized. Thanks to her eye doctors, whom she considers everyday heroes, Froman was finally able to create the memorial of her dreams.

Heroes of 9/11 will be unveiled to the public at the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation on October 9th. This and other important pieces by Ann Froman, such as a large bronze depicting Queen Esther saving her people in Biblical times, will be on display at the Foundation through December. Another of Ann Froman’s creations, ”Survival”, pays tribute to Wallenberg himself; the Swedish diplomat who saved 100,000 Jews during the Holocaust is one of the world’s great heroes. Froman believes there are heroes all around us, not just firefighters and policeman, but teachers and mothers, and the Good Samaritan on the street; these are everyday heroes. It is her hope that these depictions of unity and courage will help to inspire the next generation of heroes.

Internationally recognized for her work in bronze and acrylic, Ann Froman has successfully bridged the gap between museum masterpieces and timeless works of art for the collector. Her sculptures capture her sense of drama, fashion and sensuality. Froman’s incredible career spans over 40-years, from her time as an award winning fashion designer to her rise in the art world, where she has earned the reputation as one of our greatest living sculptors. Froman is credited with creating the first sculptured acrylic in color, and was the first to mesh bronze and acrylic together. Her powerful, innovative, inspirational works of art are in many prestigious collections, including those of Time Warner, Inc., March of Dimes, Harvard University , Brooklyn College, the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute, Temple Emanu-El, and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

”Heroes” by Ann Froman at the IRWF
34 East 67th Street, New York
October 9th – December 23rd, 2009
Tuesday to Saturday 11am-5pm