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  • Stacha, a catholic heroine in Warsaw

    The last person to receive the recognition as a Rightous among the Nations was Stanislawa (Stacha) Slawinska, a polish catholic housewife who saved ten persons from the gueto in Warsaw, during World War Two. A few months ago, Esfira Rappaport de Maiman, 94 years old, went to the office of the Raul Wallenberg Foundation in […]

  • A foundation is still looking for people who saved jews during the Holocaust

    Although the purpose comes from the process against Adolf Eichmann, at the beginning of the 60s, during the last times the searching for the saviours of jews from the nazi persecution began to take more power. Those are the Rightous Among the Nations, those who in a terrible situation like the Holocaust, took the risk […]

  • Tenembaum is already an illustrious provincial citizen in Argentina

    The governor Jorge Obeid declared him an illustrious citizen of the province of Santa Fe. Baruch Tenembaum, the creator of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, received personnally, in a ceremony that took place yesterday in the local head office of the Government (Santa Fe 1959), the decree of this distinction. Obeid himself presided the homage […]

  • Raoul Wallenberg’s destiny

    Last week two parallel events took place. The Russian submarine, trapped in the depths of the ocean, was rescued and its crew freed from near death following a world-wide attempt to fight for the freedom and lives of the Russians trapped. The same days, Raoul Wallenberg marked yet another birthday. He too is trapped. Trapped […]