September 11, 2008

A foundation is still looking for people who saved jews during the Holocaust


Although the purpose comes from the process against Adolf Eichmann, at the beginning of the 60s, during the last times the searching for the saviours of jews from the nazi persecution began to take more power. Those are the Rightous Among the Nations, those who in a terrible situation like the Holocaust, took the risk to help jews people from the extermination plan.

The first commission to recognize to the Rightous was run by the jurist Moshe Landau, who had been in the tribunal that judged and condenmed Eichmann.

But this governmental institution does not have the order to search for them, but just to receive the petition, and a commission presided by a member from the Tribunal Supremo issues the dictamen, based on testimonies from saved people and witnesses.

The saviour by automanasia is the swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who during the war stopped the deportation of the two ghetos from Budapest, with its 100 thousand inhabitants.

In 1997, the latest american death congressman Tom Lantos – saved bye Wallenberg–, and the argentinean ecumenic leader Baruj Tenembaum created the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, with branches in Buenos Aires, New York and Jerusalem.

To work ”for the light”. ”We created the foundation because many people talk about the holocaust and they mention the concentration camps, the destruction. It is the black, dark part, of the era, explain Tenembaum.

”We work with the light, the white part. And we take care of the saviors because they are there. We find them because we search for them. The saviors are there, not only from the Holocaust, but also from the latinamericans military dictactorship, from Yuyoslavia and the Darfur”

”Our times also have some Wallenberg. Certainly, there are several. They may be diplomats or housewifes. Who are they? Those who are there”, said Tenembaum.