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  • Moving ceremony organized by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

    Commemorative Moment On 4 August a ceremony took place at the Raoul Wallenberg monument in Buenos Aires to pay homage to the diplomat that saved thousands persecuted by Nazism. The ceremony brought together Natalio Wengrower, Rafael Eldad, Guillermo Nielsen and Father Horacio Moreno.

  • Yesterday the Government abolished a harmful and racist order

    Argentine President abolished a 1938 order by which Jews, persecuted by the Nazi Regime, were banned from entering the country. President Néstor Kirchner abolished a 1938 confidential document which limited the entering of Jews and people persecuted by the Nazis into Argentina, yesterday. He did so together with Foreign Minister, Rafael Bielsa, and Interior Minister, […]

  • An immoral order sent thousands of Jews to their deaths

    In 1938 the Argentine Foreign Ministry prohibited Nazi victims from obtaining refuge in this country. There is a moral obligation to repeal this order The Wallenberg Foundation has started a massive campaign to gain support for the Argentine Foreign Ministry to overturn secret ”Directive 11” issued in 1938, which prohibited granting refuge to Jews who […]