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  • Eurnekian Honours Holocaust Heroes

    The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation chaired by Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian is identifying and awarding a series of convents and monasteries around Europe which served as safe havens for people persecuted by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. Last Friday, a ceremony in the Instituto Suore San Giuseppe honoured the work of Sor Emerenziana Bolledi, whose […]

  • Tribute to Raoul Wallenberg

    In La Plata The City of La Plata yesterday paid tribute to Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who rescued thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaust, as La Plata Mayor Oscar Bruera, businessman Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruj Tenembaum unveiled a memorial bust in a square located in front of the Teatro Argentino. Eurnekian […]

  • Norway’s writing on the wall

    Letters to the Editor As the world looks at the recent events in Norway with horror and, yet again, condemns all forms of political violence, it is tragic to note that less than two years ago it was precisely this same Norwegian government and Royal Family that – ignoring all international warnings to refrain from […]

  • Was Raoul Wallenberg ”Prisoner Nº 7”?

    When I established the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, together with my late friend and former Chairman of the United States Committee on Foreign Affairs, Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in the US Congress, he told me that his lifelong dream was to see his rescuer, Raoul Wallenberg, returning home. Tom passed away […]

  • Norway and Knut Hamsun

    Norway, a country that has always been looked up at by the rest of the world as a model of modern social development and education, has in recent times stunned the world by laying on a lavish year long celebration to the life and work of writer Knut Hamsun (1859-1952) on the occasion of the […]

  • The sum of all power

    Sir, On August 19, 1934, tens of millions of Germans voted in favor of Adolf Hitler, sending him to the office of Chancellor and President of Germany. One day later, Joseph Goebbel’s Ministry of Propaganda informed that almost 90 % of the voters opted for the concentration of the State powers in Hitler’s hands, with […]

  • Campaign to clarify Wallenberg’s fate

    Nation at a Glance. Argentina in brief The Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation, an NGO founded in Argentina, has launched a worldwide campaign aimed at clarifying the fate of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved some 100,000 people from the Nazi holocaust by granting them Swedish passports. He disappeared in 1945 after being arrested by the […]

  • A vicious circular

    Editorial Many people date Argentina’s problems with the rest of the world back to the debt default of late 2001, and with much reason, but in order to really come to grips with the question of where Argentina went wrong, it is necessary to go back deep into the previous century. The 1930 coup, when […]

  • Bielsa to scratch anti-Semitic norm

    Nation at a Glance Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa will sign the order to end a seven-decade old secret internal ministerial norm which tacitly restricted Jewish immigration. The ceremony will be held at the Foreign Ministry with Interior Minister Aníbal Fernández, Natalio Wengrower, vice-president of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, investigative journalist Uki Goñi (a former Herald […]

  • Wallenberg

    Our Worldwide campaign of ”100,000 names for 100,000 lives” has reached the first 10,000 signatures. After six decades of the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation launched a worldwide campaign to collect 100,000 signatures, as many as the lives saved by the ”Hero without a grave”. The signatures will be presented to […]

  • Hungarian heroes remembered (Buenos Aires Herald)

    The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presented the Hungarian Embassy with the sculpture ”Homage to Raoul Wallenberg” to remember Hungarian survivors of World War II and saviours of people presecuted by Nazism. During WWII Wallenberg organized a clandestine operation in Budapest to save Jews condemned to die at the hands of the Third Reich. After he succesfully […]

  • Paying tribute to victims

    A ceremony (hosted by the Chilean Embassy and organized by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation) to pay tribute to diplomatic and international agency personnel who fell in the line Unfortunately, the four candles represent the number of speakers rather than the number of victims – the list totals 24 names headed by Swedish Foreign Minister […]

  • Tribute to Spanish Diplomats

    Father Horacio Moreno, president of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, is watched by Spanish Ambassador Manuel Alabart (right in the foto), as he addressed a meeting paying tribute to Spanish diplomats who helped save the Jews from the Holocaust during the second world war. The meeting was at the Spanish Embassy in Buenos aires. Father […]

  • Holocaust remembered in Buenos Aires

    With the presence of City Mayor Aníbal Ibarra and the active participation of the German Embassy here, a ceremony was held in the City Cathedral yesterday to mark the 65th anniversary of Reichskristallnacht. The ceremony began with International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation Vice-President Natalio Wengrower reading out a message from Foundation President Baruj Tenembaum, which included […]

  • Journalists get award

    Ambassador José Sanchis Muñoz, head of the Foreign Service Institute (ISEN), is seen with historian and journalist José Ignacio Garcia Hamilton, and journalist and former Herald editor Nicholas Tozer yesterday, at the Foreign Ministry. The occasion was an award ceremony, jointly organized by the institute and The international Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, at which the two […]