Letters to the Editor – Sculpture


To the Editor,

”On January 21, La Nación published, ”Portrait of a Silent Hero by Susana Pereyra Iraola in the ”Focus” supplement section.

The excellent work of journalism relates the rescue mission undertaken by Raoul Wallenberg during the Second World War and it mentions the statue of that Swedish diplomat on the corner of Austria and Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, unveiled in November 1998. The English sculptor, Philip Jackson, created this magnificent work of art and it is the same as the one inaugurated in London in 1997.

I should mention my work, the sculpture titled, ”Homage to Raoul Wallenberg” ordered by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in 1999. It was sculpted out of allusive bronze as a gesture to the man who saved tens of thousands of lives only to later disappear in the Soviet Gulag for reasons still unknown.

My work can be seen at the US, Swedish, and German Embassies, the La Nación Building, the UNESCO Central Headquarters in Paris, the Secretariat of the Vatican State, the Presidency of the Republic of Latvia in Riga and at the offices of US Congressman Tom Lantos in Washington DC. Sculptress.”

Norma D’Ippolito
CI 5.080.771

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