Lajos Gidofalvy

Lajos Gidofalvy was born on January 1st, 1901. He was lieutenant in the Hungarian resistance. Gidofalvy was said to be Raoul Wallenberg’s right hand man. It is believed that Gidofalvy was in the act of saving lives when the bridge he was on, the Erzsebet Bridge in Budapest, was blown up. He disappeared alongside his companions.

There is not much today written in English about Lajos Gidofalvy, a man who was so close to Raoul Wallenberg and who acted in cadence with him to save lives. He should be counted among those who saved lives during the Holocaust and had the courage to stand up to genocide. How can there be such a small amount of recorded information on such a man? When we talk about Wallenberg, we must also pay homage to Gidofalvy, who helped him to save so many.


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Falisah Ali is a student at City-As-School in New York, NY