Saviors On The Screen

A Holocaust Day Memorial Film Marathon to be held in New York

New York City. April 24th through April 25th. The Jewish Community Center and the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presented ”Saviors on the Screen”, a Holocaust Memorial Film Marathon. A diverse audience that included students and survivors attended the screenings of four films that depicted the Holocaust through the rescuers’ perspective.

The premiere show, ”100 Children,” was on Monday, April 24th at 7pm. This film was directed by Amalia Margolin and Oshra Schwartz, and was the winner of the Israeli Oscar for best Documentary. It tells the extraordinary story of Lena Kuchler, who in the wake of the Second World War, discovers dozens of orphaned children and takes them under her wing. She eventually leads them on an excursion to Israel. This documentary captures a slew of heartbreaking illustrations through the tragedies retold by the original lost children who now, as adults, return to Poland and recapture the memories of a woman who believed in humanity.

Tuesday, April 25th at 2pm, was time for ”The Optimist,” a story of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews saved despite an intense effort against it by the Bulgarian Government. Directed by Jacky Comforty, ”The Optimist” deals with the stories of people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions, who inevitably risked their lives to ensure the safety of their Jewish friends and neighbors. The film was followed by a discussion with guest speakers.

Robert Kimmel produced the next film, ”Searching for Wallenberg”, screened Tuesday, April 25th at 4pm. This film contains newly discovered archival material and exclusive interviews about the life of the infamous Raoul Wallenberg, who, through courageous virtue, manipulative means, and strong intimidation, saved tens of thousands of Jews from deportation to concentration camps during the Second World War. This film was followed by a discussion with Mr. Kimmel and Ms. Abigail Tenembaum, Vice President of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

Closing the Festival was ”Nicholas Winton; The Power of Good,” Tuesday, April 25th at 6pm. This film, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Documentary, tells a powerful story about a man who saved 669 children from the hands of the Nazi Regime. He was knighted for his efforts.

The Foundation is constantly striving for Holocaust awareness and this event will expose the education that the Foundation is constantly trying to achieve. Each of these award-winning movies is determined to expand the audience’s mind towards one humanitarian goal… the ability to fight against ignorance, injustice, and prejudice.