August 14, 2007

Giant Cross Erected in Moscow in Memory of Stalin’s Victims’


It is quite admirable that the Russian Government is commemorating the lives of those who were unfortunately murdered by Stalin [Foreign, ”Giant Cross Erected in Moscow in Memory of Stalin's Victims,” August 8, 2007].

The government seems to be denouncing these unjust murders.

Still, the Russian government refuses to disclose the fate and whereabouts of a man named Raoul Wallenberg, who saved close to 100,000 innocent lives from the hands of the Nazis.

Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat sent by America to Budapest with the daunting task of saving Jews during the Holocaust. He created Swedish protective passes and safe houses for Jews in danger.

At the end of the war, Wallenberg was imprisoned by the Soviet Union.

Now, the Soviet Union is gone and President Putin still declines to disclose Wallenberg ‘s fate. Mr. Putin can prove that Russia finally believes in democracy and human rights by revealing Wallenberg’s fate and honoring him as the hero that he is.

Aliza Klapholz
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
New York, N.Y.