May 15, 2006

Release all available information about Raoul Wallenberg


I am writing in reference to the article, ”Putin warns the United States for violence against Iran” published on May 10, 2006 and Jan Blomgrens article ” Kreml hires a PR agency in the US”, published on May 8, 2006. In his speech to the nation President Putin spoke of Russia’s great victory against Nazism, racism, and xenophobia. However, the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg, a man fighting exactly that and who is still missing in Russia, have never been disclosed.

Sixty-one years ago, Wallenberg risked his life to save tens of thousands from the Nazis. On January 17, 1945, he was seized by the Soviet Army and to this date his fate remains unknown. President Putin can solve this injustice. Since the Soviet Union is no more, there is no reason for the Russian government to conceal what actually happened to Wallenberg.

Russia’s reputation in the western world is poor. President Putin tried to relieve this reputation by, amongst other things, engaging an American PR agency. Instead, President Putin should take advantage of the occasion and release all available information about Raoul Wallenberg. Thereby he would show the world that Russia values freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Wallenberg is a universal hero and the truth about his fate deserves to be uncovered, not only for the benefit of Wallenberg’s family and the tens of thousands he saved during the Holocaust, but also for the advocates of human rights around the world.

Elin Borg, volunteer
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation