June 8, 2004

Letters to the Editor: Ronald Reagan


The International Raoul Wallenberg foundation joins the American people in their moment of grief for the loss of President Ronald Reagan.

It was Reagan who, in 1981 announced that Wallenberg is given Honorary American Citizenship, an honor reserved for very few, including Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa.

In his speech on October 5th 1981, President Reagan said: ”In making him a United States citizen we are the ones that are being honored. Raoul Wallenberg is the Swedish savior of almost 100,000 Jewish men, women, and children (During WWII). What he did, what he accomplished was of biblical proportions… How can we comprehend the moral worth of a man who saved tens and tens of thousands of lives, including those of Congressman and Mrs. Lantos?”

Ronald Reagan will be missed not only by the American people, but also by The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and by the 100,000 people saved by Raoul Wallenberg, who will always remember their savior and the President who honored him.

Baruch Tenembaum