December 26, 1997

One of the latest letters by Antonio Quarracino

Buenos Aires, December 26 1997

Mr. Baruch Tenembaum
New York

My dear Baruch,

Thank you for your warm seasonal greetings. In turn, I wish the same to you, Perla and your loved ones.

I still remember those evenings in Jerusalem in 1992 when, blocked in by the snow, I asked you what could be done to heal the wounds inflicted upon our Jewish brothers. Six years have elapsed since then and I remember you suggested ”carry out deeds”: A MEMORIAL MURAL that, thanks to your friends from Casa Argentina, turned into a wonderful homage to the victims of the Holocaust and of the terrorist attacks on the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA building.

It will soon be the first anniversary of the unveiling of this worthy monument within the Cathedral, before which I have invited all Jews to cover their heads if they wish to do so.

I appreciate all your praise for the architect, Norberto Silva, for his creativity and talent in the design, and fully share your views about his work.

The permanent site of emplacement of this Mural is to be close to the final resting place which I am hoping for inside the cathedral, so that I may continue preaching for brotherhood as I have done all my life.

I have no doubt that once the time comes to succeed me my Assistant Archbishop, Monsignor Jorge Bergoglio, will continue the same road of reconciliation and fraternity with our elder brothers. With the help and collaboration of our loyal and dear Roberto Toledo, we will insist in continuing down this road, which is, without doubt, beloved and blessed by God.

We will meet to celebrate the completion of the Mural. May God wish that many others dedicate their best efforts to keep our initiative alive.

Allow me to reiterate my gratitude for your kindness and friendship. You know that these are mutual feelings. I look forward with hope to the fraternal Mass that will reunite us.

Until then, a warm embrace from your friend,