Suzanne Spaak, Belgium

In 1942, Suzanne Spaak volunteered to work with the underground National Movement Against Racism in France. Many did not expect her to be of help to this cause because she was a sophisticated housewife who was used to a high standard of living. When she joined she said, ”Tell me what to do so I’ll know that I am serving in the struggle against Nazism.” At first Ms. Spaak was assigned to do simple tasks such as typing, distributing leaflets and shopping. Interested in saving Jewish children, Ms. Spaak helped smuggle sixty children to safety. She sheltered some of these children in her own home and found other families that were willing to protect them as well. She provided these children with ration cards and clothing. Unfortunately, in October 1943, Ms. Spaak was arrested by the Gestapo and taken to the prison in Fresnes. Prior to her incarceration, she provided an underground comrade with the names of Jewish children, thus saving them. On August 12, 1944, Suzanne Spaak was murdered by the Germans.

Edited by Stephanie Surach