Olga Rajsek, Croatia

Olga Rajsek, a Christian, was the fiancée of Zlatko Neumann, a Jew who was imprisoned, along with his brother, by the pro-fascist Ustasa organization, that was placed into power after the Nazis invaded Yugoslavia in 1941. Olga took in 12-year-old Dana Stochhamer, the son of his imprisoned brother. The Jewish boy had been recently released from the concentration camp to which he and his mother had been sent in 1942.For months, Olga passed off Dana as her cousin. After neighbors reported him to authorities and he was sent to a local prison, Olga was able to secure his release through the good offices of Archbishop Stepinac. Unfortunately, the boy was re-arrested soon after.

Olga, with assistance from a friend, managed to free the boy and place him in an orphanage for children of partisans. She continued to care for Dana, bringing him food every day and taking him to her home on weekends.When the war ended, Olga took Dana from the orphanage and brought him back to her house. Dana’s father and uncle were released from prison and he was re-united with his family. Unfortunately, his mother had died in the concentration camp. Olga, now in her nineties, married Zlatko Neumann and still resides in Zagreb. Dana eventually moved to the United States where he completed medical studies and married. He currently resides in Chicago. He remains in contact with Olga to this day.

Edited by Stephanie Surach

Source: http://www.jfr.org/content/default.asp?artid=268