Ewelyn Lipko-Lipczynska, Poland

During the 1940′s, Ewelyn Lipko-Llipczynska and her family were watching the developments of the war within Europe and their own Polish community.

Ewelyn’s father, Jan Szymanski, was a respectable teacher determined to resist the German advance. When the Polish schools were closed, Ewelyn’s family opened a clandestine one.

Ewelyn edited and distributed two clandestine papers, ”The Worker’s Voice” and ”For a Better Future”.

When Jews started to fall under the German yoke, Ewelyn and her family decided to assist their neighbors and friends. Not only did they offer a safe haven and a hiding place; they also issued documents in their names to help Jews live incognito as Christians.

Ewelyn, Wanda and Jan saved the lives of over 40 Jews. Ewelyn, a great savior.

Edited by: Matthew London

Translation: josefina prytyka