Celina, Wanda and Bolesia Anishkewicz, Poland

The Slewin family had managed to hide themselves while 888 other Jews were brutally murdered by the Germans in November 1942 in Poland. After three nights of hiding, the family fled into the woods and ended up at the home of the Anishkewicz family where Celina, Wanda and Bolesia received them. The family lived in the house and was provided with food, clothing and shelter until the spring in 1943. At that point, the Slewin family feared for the lives of their saviors and they left the home to hide in the woods. Celina, Wanda and Bolesia continued to provide food. The Slewin family said after the war ”We will never forget the Anishkewicz family. We owe our lives to them.”

Edited by Matthew London

Source: http://www.jfr.org/content/default.asp?artid=26