A Good Deed Never Goes Unnoticed

Youth Community Outreach with the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

Baruch Tenembaum, Founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, wrote a letter to the editor, published in the Jerusalem Post announcing the Raoul Wallenberg educational awareness campaign that was to commence in the United States. His announcement was met with a desire to reach not just the United States but cover the globe with his intentions of honoring this great hero. ”This year, the 60th anniversary of Wallenberg’s capture… needs to be marked in a meaningful way,” wrote Mr. Tenembaum. ”We are asking schools and community leaders to help us raise awareness of Wallenberg’s life.”

His eagerness to reach educational programs was heard by many, but particularly the students in Kfar Saba, Israel. Teachers at Amana High School shared his message with their students and the outcome was simply amazing. The teachings that were inflicted upon the students were so awe-inspiring that some of the children actually took the time to send letters to the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and Baruch Tenembaum, appraising his actions.

Chava Green, a tenth grader, wrote, ”I feel very strongly about the great injustice that is happening. It astounds me that a man such as Raoul Wallenberg, who had endangered his life in order to save innocent people from massacre, is now missing. How come there is such a lack of interest in his fate?” These bold words were followed by those of her schoolmate, Reut Efrati, who wrote, ”I think that it’s more important to inform people about the actions he did than just to make a day for him; it is good and important, but it is not enough. I want to hear him on the news, see more movies on him, and be familiar with his life. And I want to help you do that.”

Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, disappeared in January of 1945, after his arrest by the Soviets in Budapest, Hungary. He had gone to the country to save the lives of the many Hungarian Jews that were destined for concentration camps. Making fake passes to change Jewish identities in order to sway German Nazi Regime, and jumping on moving trains to stop the untimely death of Jewish compatriots, were only some of the noble tasks that he prevailed. When he was captured, it was said that he had saved the lives of approximately 100,000 people from death.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation was founded with the sole purpose of enriching lives with his story and making people aware of his honorable deeds. The outreach to the youth community is one of the largest aspirations of the Foundation and this year’s results made their efforts worthwhile. ”[Raoul Wallenberg] performed such an important service, and saved so many people that I don’t understand why any government doesn’t do anything [towards] finding him,” wrote Rena Klipper, another inspired student. ”I think it is important and it is our responsibility to make sure people do not forget what he has done.”

This response was exactly the kind of impact the IRWF strives for. The Foundation would like to thank the students of Amana High School for their eager participation and avid curiosity towards Wallenberg and would also remind them that the best way towards awareness is to keep educating, whether it be friends or family members, about our sacred hero’s strife.