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  • Plea for truth at last from family of Swedish Holocaust hero who ‘vanished’

    Raoul Wallenberg issued Jews with Swedish passports to prevent them being sent to Auschwitz The family of the Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg has issued a new appeal to the Russian authorities to reveal the truth about the fate of the Swedish diplomat, who disappeared after being taken prisoner by Soviet forces in January 1945. Wallenberg, [...]

  • Lest we should ever be allowed to forget

    Museums used to be a celebration of human achievement. Now they merely peddle misery. Tiffany Jenkins asks why. The National September 11 Memorial site in New York takes up seven and a half acres of some of the most expensive land in the city. Two 50ft-deep pools, each containing a fountain, surrounded by the names [...]

  • Sousa Mendes saved more lives than Schindler so why isn’t he a household name too?

    With the Nazi invasion of France came an order from Portugal that no Jews or dissidents be granted passage. But one man stood tall against the decree – and in issuing visas for 30,000 people, Aristides de Sousa Mendes was to risk everything. Seventy years on, the people whose lives he saved are battling to [...]

  • Survivors gather to pay tribute to ‘British Schindler’

    Nicholas Winton rescued 669 children from the Nazis. Yesterday 22 of them returned to Prague to thank him Watching a steam train full of waving passengers pull out of Prague station yesterday, the Meisl brothers recalled the wartime journey that had changed their lives forever. Peter Meisl was evacuated from Czechoslovakia by a British stockbroker, [...]

  • Rehabilitated: Nobel Prize winner who fell for Hitler

    Knut Hamsun was lucky to escape execution for collaborating with the Nazis. Now, almost 60 years after his death, Norway has finally honoured his contribution to literature – and even put his face on a stamp All this week, Norway is feting a writer who was lucky to escape being shot for his shameless collaboration [...]

  • Chirac honours the village that saved Jews from Nazis

    A French village which saved 3,000 Jews from the Holocaust was admitted last night to the state memorial for national heroes. The heroism of Chambon-sur-Lignon was largely unknown, or ignored, in France for many years after the end of the Second World War. Two Protestant pastors in the Cévennes mountains in south-east France persuaded thousands [...]

  • Berlin plaque pays tribute to ‘Schindler of Stourbridge’

    A British spy who saved 10,000 Jews from the Nazi Holocaust by falsifying papers, freeing them from concentration camps and hiding them from the Gestapo in his flat, was honoured as a ”true British hero” in Berlin yesterday. Officially, Frank Foley was a passport control officer at Berlin’s British embassy during the 1930s. However, the [...]