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  • A victory for the Righteous Among the Nations

    The International Wallenberg Foundation opposes honoring officials who most certainly did not go above the call of duty in WWII In reference to the report, Wallenberg Foundation off the hook in Argentina libel case, published on 21 August, we would like to stress that the ruling by the Supreme Court of Argentina overturned a judgment in [...]

  • A 105-year-old hero

    In 1938 Sir Nicholas Winton saved the lives of 669 Jewish children. He kept the story to himself for 50 years. Last June 27th, both of us had the unique privilege of meeting in the flesh a 104-year old hero. This took place in London, at the residence of Ms. Nicola Clase, Ambassador of Sweden [...]

  • The 27 Faces of Raoul Wallenberg

    Collaboration with the Bezalel Academy of Art, initiated by the Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Carl Magnus Nesser, has yielded a fascinating and inspiring exhibition of portraits of the Righteous among the Nations, Raoul Wallenberg. A new initiative by the ambassador of Sweden to Israel, Mr. Carl Magnus Nesser, which aims to bring the Israeli [...]

  • The collective heroism of Denmark

    Paying tribute to the unparalleled effort by the Danish people to rescue their Jewish compatriots from the Nazis The facts speak for themselves. During WWII, Denmark was the only Nazi-occupied country which defied the German’s dictate to deport its Jewish population. The evil epitomized by the Nazi cold-blooded systematic killing machine encountered a formidable match [...]

  • Good Pope ‘Joseph’

    Honoring the memory of Pope JohnXXIII, who saved Jews during the Holocaust and lent his support to Israel’s founding Fifty years ago, on June 3, 1963, a great and brave friend of the Jewish people passed away. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born into a modest Italian family. He reached the summit of the Catholic hierarchy [...]

  • The Memorial Mural to the Holocaust Victims

    SEE IN BUENOS AIRES A memorial showcase and plaque to the victims of the Holocaust In 1997 Cardinal Antonio Quarracino dedicated this 1.80 meter-long, 1.20 mts. wide mural commemorating Holocaust victims in the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. The mural was funded and promoted by Baruch Tenenbaum, president of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.  According to the Foundation, it [...]