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  • Wallenberg proved that man can make a difference

    On August 4th, 2006 the world will commemorate the 94th birthday of Raoul Wallenberg. This Swedish diplomat, who saved 100,000 lives in Hungary during the Holocaust, was abducted by the Soviets on January 17th 1945 and to this day his whereabouts remain a mystery. My wish is that awareness about this hero is spread all [...]

  • Release all available information about Raoul Wallenberg

    I am writing in reference to the article, ”Putin warns the United States for violence against Iran” published on May 10, 2006 and Jan Blomgrens article ” Kreml hires a PR agency in the US”, published on May 8, 2006. In his speech to the nation President Putin spoke of Russia’s great victory against Nazism, [...]