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  • Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate

    Europe’s Capital of Anti-Semitism Budapest survived fascism and communism and blossomed after the fall of the Iron Curtain. But the Hungarian capital is experiencing a rebirth of anti-Semitism. The far-right Jobbik is now the country’s third largest party and Jews are being openly intimidated. Part 1: Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate The city [...]

  • The Führer’s Photographer

    Walter Frentz He was the Führer’s most favored photographer and cameraman. Walter Frentz was the man Adolf Hitler trusted to put him in the right light. Now a new biography has uncovered pictures of the Nazi leader never seen before. On his 34th birthday Walter Frentz was accorded a special honor. Adolf Hitler’s preferred photographer [...]

  • Bernardo Jerochim is German Again

    After his family escaped from the Nazis during the Third Reich, Bernardo Jerochim lived as a stateless person in Argentina. After almost sixty-five years as a Jewish shoe polisher from Berlin, he has finally regained his passport. This time in Buenos Aires, Bernardo Jerochim doesn’t have to show an invitation to get into the German [...]