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  • The story of a reunion between Spaniards and Jews united and separated by the War

    ”It came seven years too late” By HENRIQUE CYMERMAN – Special correspondent from Brussels – 05/03/2010 The Materne family, members of Belgian resistance movement, took in an orphan from Spain named Juanito, and a Jewish boy named Zenon. 70-year-old Zenon Zalman Shifer and 80-year-old Paquita Sánchez Manrubia study each other attentively. They caress each other’s [...]

  • Heroes are still being discovered

    Two Israeli Foundations dedicated to the Holocaust have reconstructed the biography of Stanislawa Slawinska, a Catholic Pole that saved a handful of Jews. The numerous descendents of Esfira Maiman would never have existed if it were not for Stanislawa Slawinska, a Catholic Polish woman that saved the then young Jewish Esfira from the Nazi barbarism, [...]