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  • Raoul Wallenberg honored at Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — In the 70th anniversary year of his disappearance in Russia, Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, was honored at Sweden’s embassy in Buenos Aires. Wednesday’s tribute organized by Argentina’s Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish Embassy in Argentina was led by Tomas Kertesz, a [...]

  • Sweden marks 100th anniversary of Wallenberg’s birth

    (JTA) — Sweden marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis. The event, sponsored by the Raoul Wallenberg Academy, was held Saturday in Sigtuna, located north of Stockholm. “Those who knew how to confront hate and who saved lives were perhaps [...]

  • Monument honors Czech Jews who hid in woods from Nazis, and villagers who helped

    TRSICE, Czech Republic (JTA) — Nearly 70 years after a Czech Jewish family sought refuge from the Nazis by retreating into a nearby forest and relying on non-Jewish locals for help, an American high school teacher has helped erect a permanent monument to their memory. Last week, several dozen people went to the wooded site [...]

  • Righteous Gentiles honored in Warsaw

    (JTA) — Some 50 Righteous Gentiles, non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue Jews in Poland during the Holocaust, were honored in Warsaw. The luncheon Sunday in Warsaw was ”one of the largest-ever gatherings of Holocaust rescuers and one of the last of its kind, as many of these rescuers are elderly,” a spokesperson for [...]

  • Wallenberg disappearance marked

    The 62nd anniversary of the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg was marked in Buenos Aires and other cities. Some 100 people – including Holocaust survivors, foreign dignitaries, local politicians, Jewish community leaders and members of the local Islamic Center – gathered Wednesday near a sculpture of Wallenberg in the Argentine capital to honor the Swedish diplomat [...]

  • Wallenberg Foundation president dies

    The Argentine priest who headed the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation died at age 88. Father Horacio Fidel Moreno’s death was announced last Friday in a release that said he pioneered interreligious dialogue in Argentina in the 1970s. The foundation commemorates the life of Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews. [...]

  • For congressman and others, debt to Wallenberg still remains unpaid

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 (JTA) — As a new congressman 25 years ago, the first legislation I introduced was a bill to pay a debt from my adolescence. My wife, Annette, felt a similar obligation. We owed our lives to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who had saved us during the Holocaust. At that time, Wallenberg was [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg remembered

    A ceremony was held in Argentina for the 61st anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s disappearance. Tuesday’s ceremony, organized by the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in the plaza that bears Wallenberg’s name in Buenos Aires, honored the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II. The principal speaker was Toti Flores, a leader of [...]

  • Swede sings of Raoul

    Breaking News A Swedish balladeer wants to sing about the life of Raoul Wallenberg to New York students. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation asked schools this week to host Ben Olander for his hour-long show, which incorporates songs, pictures and storytelling. Olander, described by the foundation as ”one of Sweden’s foremost balladeers,” will be in [...]

  • Sixty years after WWII, Argentines want answers about ministry’s role

    BUENOS AIRES, May 12 (JTA) — Argentina’s Foreign Ministry is under scrutiny as historians, researchers, Jewish organizations and a broad swath of the country’s cultural elite demand the repeal of a controversial 1938 order prohibiting visas for Jews fleeing the Holocaust. They also are demanding that the ministry justify a commemorative plaque it placed in [...]

  • Man saved by Turkish diplomat during war meets his rescuer’s son

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 31 (JTA) — The risks Selahattin Ulkumen took to save Jews during World War II led to his wife’s death. The Turkish diplomat’s confrontation with the Nazi occupiers of Rhodes saved 42 members of the Greek island’s Jewish community, including Bernard Turiel and his parents. When, within weeks of Ulkumen’s intervention, the Nazis [...]

  • The Jewish Gauchos’ ‘Legacy’: film recalls Argentina’s immigrant colonies

    ARTS & CULTURE BUENOS AIRES, Oct 25 (JTA) — It took the directors of the new documentary ”Legacy” nearly 10 years to complete the film, and by the time they had, many of the 200 aging ”Jewish gauchos” interviewed had died. Perhaps that contributed to the emotional atmosphere permeating the theater here on the evening [...]

  • Spanish diplomats honored

    The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires honored eight Spanish diplomats who saved Jews and others persecuted in the Holocaust. “Only three weeks after the criminal attack in Madrid, we have the opportunity to remember Spanish people who made a cause of solidarity and courage,” Baruj Tenembaum, founder of the [...]

  • Stamp honors rescuer of Jews

    Argentina issued a stamp honoring a man who saved up to 24,000 Jews during World War II, and later became pope. The stamp issued July 2 honors Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who was the Vatican delegate to Turkey and Greece during World War II. The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation launched the initiative for the stamp commemorating Roncalli, [...]

  • Fifty years later, services held to honor diplomat who saved Jews

    NEW YORK, June 15 (JTA) – A late-night visit from a refugee rabbi during World War II convinced a Portuguese official to save Jews from Hitler. Rabbi Haim Kruger, a refugee in France, and Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portugal’s consul general in Bordeaux, ”spoke all through the night about the problems of the war,” Sebastiao [...]

  • Street in Rome honors Giorgio Perlasca, a fascist who saved Budapest Ghetto Jews

    On the eve of Passover, the city of Rome named a street after a late fascist sympathizer who masqueraded as a Spanish diplomat during World War II and saved thousands of Jews in the Budapest Ghetto. Businessman Giorgio Perlasca had volunteered to fight on the side of General Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War [...]