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  • Memo on Holocaust Hero Provides Taste of Roberts’s Legal Thinking

    In 1984, when Judge John G. Roberts was a young legal adviser to President Ronald Reagan, he was asked to give his view on a matter pertaining to the fate of World War II-era Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg, whose efforts saved many Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, was then thought to be held captive [...]

  • Russia Must Open Its Archives On Shoah Hero Raoul Wallenberg

    Twenty-two years ago this Sunday, Raoul Wallenberg became an honorary citizen of the United States. The honor, though, was truly ours: This extraordinary man helped save tens of thousands of lives, including my wife’s and mine, while working under the direction of the American government. Yet, the full truth about Wallenberg’s own fate remains unknown. [...]

  • An Argentine Author Who Can’t Change the Subject

    BUENOS AIRES – A funny thing happened to Uki Goñi on his way to becoming a famous Argentine author. Lately, for no reason he can figure out, when people see him, they see a Jew. Goñi, who is tall and rail-thin, with close-cut hair and a dry, somewhat droll take on human nature, is the [...]