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  • A shoeshine man against Hitler.

    Bernardo Jerochim struggles to recover the German nationality which he lost 65 years ago due to a Nazi decree. ”I want my three sons to be German”, Bernardo says while he is watching out for some customer. It was of no use for the Jerochims to have been settled in Prussia for generations; or that [...]

  • ”Ignorance may end in a crash of civilizations”

    Interview to Baruj Tenembaum President of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation ”The one, who saves a life, is as the one who saves the whole world”. Baruj Tenembaum (Las Palmeras, Argentina, 1933) is the President of the foundation which main purpose is to make known the life of the Swedish diplomat who during the Second World [...]

  • Argentina removes an old stain

    Kirchner voids a regulation issued in 1938 which prevented the saving of thousands of Jewish people In July 1938, a year before the beginning of the Second World War, the embassies of Argentina in Europe received a secret communication -Circular number 11- by which they were ordered to deny entry visas to thouse who wanted [...]