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  • CIA papers: U.S. failed to pursue Nazi

    West Germany gave location of Eichmann, historian says WASHINGTON (CNN) — The United States was told the location and approximate alias of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann more than two years before his capture but did nothing to pursue him, according to CIA documents released Tuesday. The release of the latest set of intelligence records [...]

  • Former Nazi removed from space hall of fame

    ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (AP) — A former Nazi scientist who was linked to experiments on prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp in Germany has been ousted from the International Space Hall of Fame. Hubertus Strughold, who had been honored in 1978 for work in developing the spacesuit and space capsule and for his contributions to [...]

  • Sweden rejected swap for Wallenberg

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Reuters) – The Soviet Union was willing to trade captured Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg after World War II for Soviet citizens who had defected to Sweden, but Sweden turned down the offer, a newspaper is claiming. Wallenberg, credited with saving thousands of Jews from Nazi death camps by issuing false passports or granting [...]

  • CNN interviews Baruch Tenembaum

    CNN: From our New York studios we have Mr. Baruch Tenembaum to give us his thoughts on what occurred today at the Vatican. Mr. Tenembaum is the founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation of the non-governmental organization, Casa Argentina en Jerusalem. This is an ecumenical organization that received many distinctions on behalf of the [...]