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  • A Hero Without a Grave

    The Holocaust of the Jewish People was an exceptional event in human history. Although humanity has been witness, on more than one occasion, to acts of murder and genocide, never has it been subjected to something resembling the Jewish Holocaust. A systematic, rational, industrial plan, its objective was to eliminate completely an entire nation. Jewish [...]

  • A hero without a grave

    Raoul Wallenberg is one of the most tragic figures of the twentieth century. He managed to defeat fate only to be buried by it later. He overcame the perils of Nazism and saved the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust but was subsequently forgotten in the Soviet gulag. As Dr, [...]

  • The last romantic zionist gentile

    Fifty-four years ago World War II came to an end, and Winston Churchill’s Conservative Government lost heavily in the polls. Forty-four years ago Winston Churchill resigned after having served for the second time as Prime Minister. Thirty-four years ago Winston Churchill died. Much has been written on Churchill’s attitude towards the Jews and the Zionist [...]