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  • Abstract

    This Extended Essay investigates possible reasons behind the Soviet arrest of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, in January 1945. His disappearance has remained a mystery, but now that it has been ascertained that he was arrested the motives behind this become most intriguing. The research question is ”Why was Raul Wallenberg arrested?” The introduction consists [...]

  • Introduction

    Introduction By the spring of 1944, Nazi extermination camps had annihilated more than a third of the Jewish population in Europe. Yet there was one large Jewish community remaining – in Hungary. The Jewish population here added up to about 700 000 people . In March 1944, Adolf Eichmann entered Budapest behind the German Army [...]

  • Circumstances surrounding Raoul Wallenberg’s assignment in Budapest

    Wallenberg’s operation in Hungary was to be just one of about half a dozen similar ones, although it became the far most sensational. The World Jewish Congress was set to choose a suitable person for the assignment through Dr. Marcus Ehrenpreis, Chief Rabbi in Stockholm. Though ultimately Koloman Lauer, a Hungarian Jewish director of a [...]

  • The Soviet arrest on Raoul Wallenberg

    The Red Army found Wallenberg on 13 January 1945, on 16 Benczur Street in Budapest. They reported this to headquarters in Moscow. 17 January Wallenberg was taken into Soviet custody, after which he mysteriously disappeared. A document from the Swedish Embassy in Moscow, written 31 December 1944, found in the archives of the Soviet Foreign [...]

  • Possible reasons for the arrest

    In his ”The Book that Disappeared; What Happened in Budapest” , Lars Berg, a colleague of Wallenberg during the time in Budapest, describes how after some time, Soviet military personnel started to interrogate those locally employed under Wallenberg. Some of whom never were released. They were questioned in selection to the accusation of espionage and [...]

  • Conclusion

    As mentioned, any actual reason for Raoul Wallenberg’s arrest and imprisonment has not been established. There is not one predominant reason for the arrest discussed in this Extended Essay, is any more convincing than the other ones. The theory based around a Soviet suspicion of Wallenberg performing espionage for either Germany, Britain or USA, is [...]

  • Bibliography and appendix

    Bibliography Lars G:son Berg, The Book that Disappeared: What happened in Budapest, Vintage Press, New York 1990 Bernt Schiller, Varför ryssarna tog Raoul Wallenberg (Why the Russians took Raoul Wallenberg), Natur och Kultur, Stockholm 1991 Bernt Schiller, ”Wallenberg, Raoul”, Nationalencyklopedin Multimedia DVD, Vers. 2.0. Malmö 1998 Maj von Dardel, Raoul, Rabén & Sjögren. Stockholm 1984 [...]