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  • BOOK: “Twilight in Budapest”

    A new book by Swedish-Hungarian author Gellert Kovacs manages to shed  light on important aspects of Raoul Wallenberg’s rescue mission, with potentially serious implications for Wallenberg’s fate   Gellert Kovacs “Skymning i Budapest” Carlsson, 2013 364 pages, plus 16 page photo insert ISBN 978 91 7331 571 5   The new findings presented by historian Gellert [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg in Russia: Definitely not a Guest, but a Prisoner

    When Soviet troops liberated Budapest by the middle of January 1945, it marked the end of the harrowing ordeal suffered by Hungary’s Jewish population at the hands of German and Hungarian Nazi supporters. Over half a million victims lay dead, while tens of thousands more were barely clinging to life in Budapest’s main ghetto and [...]

  • If Russian Authorities Lied About Raoul Wallenberg, Then What?

    Now that researchers have shown in two proven instances that  Russia for many decades has deliberately withheld key information in the Raoul Wallenberg case, where does that leave the investigation of his fate? For as yet unexplained reasons, Russian officials chose to  mislead for decades not only the general public, but also an official Swedish-Russian [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg’s Lost Inheritance

    There has long been speculation about what Raoul Wallenberg inherited from the estates of his paternal grandparents, Gustaf and Annie Wallenberg. Gustaf died in 1937, Annie in 1952. New documents discovered in Stockholm Stadsarkiv (City Archive) [1] and described here for the first time, show that had Raoul returned from his imprisonment in the Soviet [...]

  • Why not a word about Raoul Wallenberg?

    A major problem with authorized biographical writing which relies on specialized access to collections closed to other scholars is that authors tend to shy away from controversies which could result in loss of their privilege. All historians have to make choices and historic truth is admittedly a most elusive substance. But authorized biographies carry an [...]

  • Prologue to Budapest: Raoul Wallenberg and Special-Metall Förening

    This is an attempt at something new: A little bit of interactive historical research, in accordance with the old saying that many heads are better than just one. We all have so many different pieces of the puzzle, that it is worth the attempt to exchange views and to try to fit the pieces together. [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg’s Unexplored Intelligence Connections In Hungary

    To fully untangle the complex relationships between the diverse factions of the Hungarian underground and Allied intelligence during the last months of World War II will take years of research. But new information is emerging daily and with it have come details which offer important opportunities in the ongoing investigation of the fate of Swedish [...]