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  • The London bombing attacks

    There can be no doubt that the recent terrorist attacks in London have brought an understandable feeling of consternation to which we must add astonishment that most of the perpetrators were British citizens. As a society people ask themselves how is it possible that people born and brought up in their midst can turn against [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg: A hero for all times

    August 4th, 2002 marks the 90th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg´s birthday, saviour of tens of thousands of people, mostly Jewish, persecuted by the Nazis in Hungary during the Second World War. He disappeared after having been arrested by the Soviet Army on January 17th, 1945. His whereabouts still remain a mystery. In a world with [...]

  • Nicholas Tozer’s speech

    ”Ladies and gentlemen, I feel deeply honoured to receive the 2002 Sousa Mendes Award, especially for sharing this honour with my friend and colleague José Ignacio García Hamilton. I am very grateful to the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation for having granted me this award and I assure them that I am delighted to receive it. [...]

  • James Bond Nabs Martin Bormann

    In an article published last year in The New York Times Argentine Foreign Minister Guido Di Tella responded to an earlier op-ed article written by Ann Louise Bardach (NYT, 22 March 1997) pointing out a number of ‘imprecisions, distortions and innuendos’ about Argentina’s pro-Nazi record as a neutral during most of World War II’ that [...]