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  • Anna Chlup, Czechoslovakia

    Anna and Jerry Chlup are remembered for their courage and heroism in saving the life of a Jewish concentration camp prisoner, Herman (Paul) Leder. Anna was born in the Sudetenland, a region of Czechoslovakia near the border of Germany. She married Jerry Chlup in 1938. When the German army occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939, the couple [...]

  • Semmy Riekerk, The Netherlands

    Semmy Riekerk was born in 1916 in Amsterdam and was raised as a Lutheran. She remembers her father as being a cosmopolitan man, who considered himself a citizen of the world. Semmy’s parents instilled in her a strong sense of responsibility for one’s actions. She married her husband Joop (Johannes Theodore) Woortman in 1938. He [...]

  • Hasmik Tashtshiyan, Ukraine

    The Tashtshiyan family’s story begins with their experience during World War I. As survivors of the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against Armenian civilians, they understood all too well the peril faced by Ukrainian Jews during World War II. In November 1941, the Germans occupied the city of Simferopol in Ukraine. Over the course [...]