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  • Monsignor Beniamino Schivo, savior

    With the courageous efforts of heroes such as Father Beniamino Schivo, the rector of a seminary in Citta di Castello, 85% of Italy’s 45,000 Jews were saved from the Nazis during World War II. The following is the story of one of those families. There are reasons to explain a relatively high rescue rate of [...]

  • Turkey Served As Safe Haven For Jews During The Holocaust

    Turkish Consul Selahattin Ulkumen’s confrontation with the Nazis in the occupied Greek island of Rhodes, during the Holocaust, helped rescue 32 Jews from the island’s Jewish community, but ultimately led to his wife’s death. Selahattin Ulkumen was born in 1914, into a Muslim family, in Antakya, on the Mediterranean coast. After attending the university, he [...]

  • Marion Pritchard, Dutch savior

    The Dutch government surrendered to the Nazis 5 days after the Germans invaded in May, 1940. Millions of Jews, Gypsies, and others were slaughtered, while some Dutch people risked their lives to help the victims. Marion Pritchard was one of the rescuers. She concealed a Jewish family for nearly 3 years and killed a Dutch [...]

  • Le Chambon-Sur-Lignon

    ”People who agonize don’t act, people who act don’t agonize. Le Chambon-Sur-Lignon was both very special and very ordinary. Their serenity, reflected in their posture toward each other, toward you and toward the world.” — Filmmaker and Holocaust survivor Pierre Sauvage During the Holocaust in France, in a tiny mountain Huguenot village 350 miles from [...]

  • El Salvador, a rescuing country

    While the heroic efforts of saviors in Europe have increasingly come to light in the years since World War II, El Salvador which when translated into English means ‘the savior’ is receiving increased attention for the role it plays in saving tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. On November 22, 1995, former U.S. [...]

  • Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

    At the age of 21, Sophie Scholl was executed by the People’s Court in Germany on Feb. 22, 1943, during the Holocaust, for her involvement in The White Rose, an organization that was secretly writing pamphlets calling for the end of the war and strongly denouncing the inhuman acts of the Nazis. In May, 1942 [...]

  • The Sharps

    A native of Providence, Rhode Island, Martha Ingham Dickie attended services at her local Unitarian Church from the age of three. The church of Martha’s childhood believed in religious free-thinking, respect for diversity and world service, and these values seeped into her soul and was the foundation of her entire life of service to others. [...]

  • Agnieszka Budna Widerschal, Poland

    Under the noses of the Gestapo, Agnieszka Budna-Widerschal, a catholic peasant woman from northern Poland, ventured into the Warsaw ghetto to save her Jewish husband and his five cousins. She hid them for three years in Poland, the most dangerous of countries for Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Germans considered Poles to be racially inferior, killing [...]