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  • Ruth Klüger and the Mossad le Aliyah Bet

    After learning the story of Ruth Klüger*, one immediately understands why Nahum Laufer, the screenwriter for the film The Darien Dilemma, in which Klüger’s character plays the central role, chose to abandon his initial storyline regarding his mother’s escape from Europe when he became acquainted with Klüger’s history. Klüger’s autobiographical account of her activities with [...]

  • Zofia, Aleksandra and Antoni Wieczorek: Rescuers

    The fundamental Jewish attitude toward death, says Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, is that it ”is of the utmost importance to treat the body with respect and care.” Further, ”Jewish tradition mandates burying the dead as soon as possible…It should not be delayed any longer than is absolutely necessary.” One must sympathize, then, with the sorrow and [...]

  • The Edelweiss Pirates: A Story of Freedom, Love and Life

    In the years before World War II, the members of the Nazi regime became intent on cultivating a sense of loyalty and entitlement in the German youth. It would be too late, they thought, to wait for adulthood; the Nazi mentality must be inscribed on children if it was to take hold and grow to [...]

  • Helena Zahajkewycz Melnyczuk, Ukraine

    The Family Zahajkewycz As with any photograph, a simple glance at the picture of Orest Zahajkewycz and Helena Melnyczuk, taken in New Jersey in 1986, does not do its subjects justice. It is notable, though, that the two siblings, crowned by a picture of the Virgin Mary, seem to portray a sense of humility and [...]