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  • Irena Hamerska, Poland

    In Legionow, Poland, in 1942, Irena’s closest friend Leokadia smuggled in a Jewish girl out of the ghetto. Shifra, as the girl was called, lived in Leokadia’s apartment where Irena would often come to visit. Together, the women took care of their ”little sister.” They worked different shifts at their jobs so that someone was [...]

  • Jekaterina Minkeviciene, Lithuania

    In autumn of 1943, a stranger came to the house of Jekaterina and Sergius Minkeviciene, where they lived in Vilna, Lithuania. The woman begged the couple to hide her six-year-old daughter Golda, and even though they were already taking care of their own three children, they agreed. The next night, Golda was brought over. Malnourished [...]

  • Wallenberg Project at German School

    There is a street dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg in the Marzahn District in Berlin, but until last year many people living there did not know about Wallenberg’s heroic mission to save human lives during the Holocaust. It was not until several students and teachers of the Rudolf Virchow High School started a pilot project about [...]

  • The Fight for the Truth Continues

    It has been over 60 years since that fateful day in January 1945 when Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved ten of thousands of Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps, was taken by force to Russia. He has not been seen or heard from since that day, and his whereabouts are still unknown. The [...]

  • Wallenberg’s birthday commemorated in New York

    The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation celebrated Raoul Wallenberg’s 94th birthday with a series of activities around the world. In New York, two different events were planed to commemorate such a special occasion. On Friday August 4th, friends and volunteers of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation gathered to place flowers at the Hope monument. Some of [...]

  • Wallenberg Musical Performed in New York

    A staged reading of the musical ”Wallenberg” was presented in New York City to a full house on Sunday, September 17th and Wednesday, September 20th as part of the 2006 New York Musical Theater Festival . Based on the true story of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved 100,000 people from deportation to the [...]

  • Emilia Maksimova, Russia

    Emilia Maksimova was walking home from church services with her parents in 1941, when they noticed a lonely little girl freezing on the street. The girl, around 10 years old, was called Nusia and did not know what had happened to her parents. All the girl knew was that she was Jewish and alone. The [...]

  • Adel Zagurska, Russia

    After the German occupation of Armavir, Russia in 1942, Jewish sisters Fira and Masha Litovsky were lucky to be alive. Their parents had been shot in the woods along with the rest of the Jewish population of their hometown of Piatigorsk. The sisters had managed to hide with the Belkov family.When it was too dangerous [...]

  • Dalai Lama joins Wallenberg as Honorary citizen of Canada

    On Friday, June 23rd, 2006, the members of Canadian Parliament unanimously decided to give the Dalai Lama Honorary Citizenship of Canada. This was only the third time throughout history that the Parliament has bestowed this honor, with Nelson Mandela and Raoul Wallenberg being the other two recipients of this honorary citizenship. Raoul Wallenberg was a [...]