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  • Olga Kukovic, Serbia

    In October of 1941, Jewish people in Sarajevo, Croatia were being captured by a pro-Nazi group, the Ustashe. One Jewish man, Isidor Baruh, was walking by Olga Kukovic’s home when someone told him to hide. Isidor knew Olga’s sister, so he asked Olga, a Serb who lived in the city, to help him. Olga’s daughter, [...]

  • Alice Schiffer, Belgium

    In June of 1942, Alice Schiffer visited her cousin, Lydia Wegielski, in Brussels. At that time, it was very dangerous for Jewish people; they were required to wear the yellow Star of David and forced labor and deportation to Auschwitz had begun. During her visit with her cousin, Alice suggested that she take Lydia’s neighbor’s [...]

  • Liliane Gaffney, Belgium

    Liliane Gaffney and her mother, Germaine Belline hid more than thirty Jewish people in La Louviere, Belgium during World War II. Through the help of someone at the City Hall, they gave legal papers and ration cards to the people who they took in. They were inspired by a sense of justice and community. In [...]