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  • In Memory of a Hero

    Varian Fry (1907- 1967), a 32-year –old American, was sent to France in August 1940, on a mission: to save the anti-Fascists and Jews from persecution by Hitler. He went to France as a representative of the Emergency Rescue Committee, Armed with $ 3,000 in cash and a list of refugees most wanted by the [...]

  • A Light in the Dark

    Hannah Szenes (or Chana Senesh) (July 17, 1921 – November 7, l944) was one of the most heroic Jews who fought the Nazis in Europe. She became a symbol of hope to oppressed people all over the world. She was born to an assimilated Jewish family in Budapest at a time when Jews enjoyed freedom [...]

  • Keepers of the Flame

    Zofia Kossak-Szczucka (1890-1968) was a Polish author and a resistance fighter best known for her wartime efforts to help the Jews. She was a granddaughter of the Polish painter Juliusz. She married twice and kept the name Szczucka from her first marriage. Kossak-Szczucka was associated with the Czartak literary and wrote mainly for the Catholic [...]

  • In her hands

    Irene Gut Opdyke (1922-2003) was a Polish heroine who saved many Polish Jews from the German gas chambers and SS troops. In a feat of courage and at risk of her own life, she rescued Jews from certain death. Gut was one of five daughters born into a Catholic family in a small village in [...]

  • Barbara Szymanska, Poland

    BASHA’S HOUSE Barbara Szymanska was only eighth months old when she arrived in Poland, her homeland. In 1918, her parents, Janina and Franciszek, returned to Poland from Russia where they had spent several years avoiding Franciszek’s conscription into the German army. It was the first time in more than hundred years that Poland was an [...]