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  • Libuse Fries, Czechoslovakia

    While Libuse Fries was growing up, her mother was a maid for a wealthy Jewish family near Prague, Czechoslovakia. At one time, Libuse worked with a Jew named Egon Seykorova. Egon was later imprisoned at a ghetto in Theresienstadt. Libuse was brought up to love nature and all human beings. She thought, ”it was inhuman [...]

  • Ona Urbonas, Lithuania

    In 1943, twenty-year-old Ona Urbonas was still living at home with her family who had a farm in a small village outside the Lithuanian city of Kaunas (then called Kovno). German forces had taken control of Lithuania and confined all of Kovno’s Jews into a ghetto. One day, Ona’s father, Andrius, brought home a desperate [...]

  • Mela Roslan

    Amelia ”Mela” Roslan was a Polish Catholic woman who, along with her husband, helped three boys escape capture by the Nazis during the war. She took them into their home and pretended they were her own children. Born in Poland in 1907, Mela was the daughter of a shoemaker. She lived in a small town [...]

  • Danuta Kleisinger, Poland

    Born Danuta Czlapinska in 1924, Danuta was still a young woman when the Warsaw Ghetto was established in 1940. She risked her life to smuggle food and money to the Prezman family in the ghetto. However, Danuta didn’t choose the Prezmans randomly. Since before the war, Danuta had been friends with Jusek Prezman. Likewise, Danuta’s [...]

  • Germaine Belinne, Belgium

    In Louviere, Belgium, Germaine grew up in the same neighborhood with two Jewish brothers, Charles and Simon Moncarz. One day in 1941 word got out that Charles and his family were about to be arrested. Germaine obtained papers from members of her family (who were out of the country) and gave them to Charles. Germaine [...]