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  • Zero hour of the Holocaust

    A journalistic chronicle says that on January 30, l933, Adolf Hitler, Austrian, army colonel in World War I, one without a known profession except as political agitator, rose to the pinnacle of power in Germany. Lost in the illusion that they themselves would be the true power behind the scenes, a conservative political machine, encouraged [...]

  • 90º Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday

    To all the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic communities around the world. Next August 4th, 2002 Raoul Wallenberg’s (August 4th, 1912 -?) 90th birthday will be celebrated. Wallenberg is the Swedish diplomat who saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, most of them Jewish, condemned to death by the Nazi regime during the [...]

  • Remembering Monsignor Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

    On the 120th anniversary of Pope John XXIII’s birthday Nowadays the social changes are faster than the fastest of the ideas. They look towards the horizon searching for the surmounting of its present. In contrast to that, the aggiornamiento of the Catholic Church, promoted by Pope John XXIII with the Second Vatican Council, was inspired [...]