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  • Aracy Moebius de Carvalho: ”Justa entre as nações”

    Aracy Moebius de Carvalho Tess was born in Rio Negro, in the south of Brazil in 1908. Born to a German mother, Aracy was able to speak German, English, and French. She later moved to Sao Paulo where she lived with her first husband and their child until 1935, when she separated from her husband. [...]

  • Joao Guimarães Rosa

    Joao Guimarães Rosa was born in the small town of Cordisburgo, in the Brazilian province of Minas Gerais. Born on June 27th, 1908, he was the first of six children. As a young child, Guimarães Rosa was a talented boy. By the age of seven he had taught himself French. Many other languages followed. He [...]