Wallenberg´s day in Pennsylvania

In 1990, the State of Pennsylvania declared October 5th as Raoul Wallenberg day. We are proud that the State of Pennsylvania honored the Swedish diplomat, and are especially thankful to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania for their essential role in having made this happen.

On 2014, Governor Tom Corbett reafirmed this initiative by signing the proclamation.


No. 383 Session of 1990

Introduced By Fox, Godshall, Melio, Kenney, Langtry, Fairchild, Pesci, Billow, Micozzie, Angstadt, Markosek, Deluca, Belfanti, Hershey, Gamble, Hagarty, Gigliotti, Cawley, Pistella, Johnson, Argall, Pitts, Maine, Saurman, Hughes, Lashinger, Nahill, Bunt, Wozniak, Clymer And Moehlmann,
October 2, 1990



1 Proclaiming October 5, 1990, as ”Raoul Wallenberg Day.”
2 WHEREAS, During World War II, Raoul Wallenberg left his
3 comfortable life in neutral Sweden and traveled to Nazi-occupied
4 Budapest as a diplomat under the auspices of the Swedish
5 Government; and
6 WHEREAS, Funded by the United States War Refugee Board, Raoul
7 Wallenberg, at the risk of his own life, saved 100,000 Hungarian
8 Jews slated for extermination and countless anti-Nazi Christian
9 resistors; and
10 WHEREAS, When the Russian Army advanced on Budapest in 1945,
11 Wallenberg was arrested without cause, imprisoned illegally and
12 deprived of his fundamental human rights; and
13 WHEREAS, Raoul Wallenberg has been held incommunicado since
14 1945 without trial, in violation of the rules of diplomatic
15 immunity, Swedish neutrality and international law; and

1 WHEREAS, On October 5, 1981, the President of the United
2 States of America signed into law legislation passed by Congress
3 conferring Honorary Citizenship on Raoul Gustav Wallenberg;
4 therefore be it
5 RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives proclaim October
6 5, 1990, as ”Raoul Wallenberg Day.”