Coining of the Raoul Wallenberg Medal 90 Anniversary

The Raoul Wallenberg 90 Anniversary Medal measures 75 mm diameter, and is cast in pewter, plated in antique silver and later gilded.

The medal shows a profile of Raoul Wallenberg embossed on a rough texture with the legend The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation on the front side and the legends A Hero without a Grave, -this expression was created by Prof. Yoav Tenembaum, who titled an article about the Swedish heroe under that phrase-, 90th Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday, 4 August 1912 -?” and New York, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires on the obverse side.

The medal was specially designed by the Minces Silversmith Studio.

It is presented with a certificate, which says:

To mark Raoul Wallenberg’s 90th birthday The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation has specially commissioned and minted a Commemorative Medal.

The Medal is presented to personalities coming from all walks of life and of all social, religious and racial backgrounds who have demonstrated through their work an unwavering commitment to upholding the humanitarian values which Raoul Wallenberg stands for.

Raoul Wallenberg’s extraordinary rescue actions on behalf of thousands of people, mainly Jews, whom he saved from a certain death at the hands of the Nazis and their allies in Budapest during the Second World War and his later kidnapping and disappearance by Soviet troops, have converted him in one of the truly outstanding heroes of modern times.