October 23, 2012

Uppsala historian Paul A. Levine awarded Raoul Wallenberg Foundation medal

Associate professor Paul A. Levine, historian and senior lecturer at Uppsala University, has been awarded the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal commemorating the 100th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birth.

Levine will receive the medal together with four others at a ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 23 October.

Paul Levine has spent many of his research years on Raoul Wallenberg’s work in Budapest 1944 and is one of Sweden’s leading authorities on the Holocaust. In 2010 he published a detailed study of Wallenberg’s short time in Hungary, Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest: Myth, History and Holocaust, a study that was translated into Swedish in 2011.

Levine works as a researcher and lecturer at Uppsala University’s Hugo Valentin Centre, a unit focused on genocide research and the history of the Holocaust.

The medal is awarded by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, with offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and Berlin. It is one of the most important international foundations committed to education and information about Wallenberg and his memory.