December 3, 2004

The Wallenberg Foundation with the Russian Ambassador

After 60 years of the Swedish Diplomat’s disappearance his destiny remains unknown

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF) met Yuri Korchagin, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Argentina, on December 3rd. , 2004.

The Foundation was represented by its vice-presidents: Engineer Oscar Vicente and Dr. José Ignacio García Hamilton. During the interview with the diplomatic representative they had the chance to speak about the dramatic circumstances in which Wallenberg disappeared, on January 17th. 1945, after having been arrested by the Soviet army on the outskirts of Budapest.

The IRWF also expressed its concern about the lack of any revealing details which may allow Wallenberg to return to Sweden, after more than six decades of anguish, uncertainty and unfairness.

With the spirit of the necessary reconciliation which should be a top priority among all goodwill men, the Wallenberg Foundation, an educational NGO founded by Baruch Tenenbaum and presided by the Catholic Priest Horacio Moreno, informed the Ambassador about the many activities planned to remember the 60th.anniversary of Wallenberg’s disappearance. The IRWF representatives especially highlighted the imminent launching of a worldwide campaign of collection of 100.000 signatures, a signature for each life saved by the ”Hero Without a Grave”, which will be presented before the United Nations to encourage the clarification of one of the most controversial cases in history. Ambassador Korchagin supported the news with great interest.

The Wallenberg Foundation, an organization created in Argentina, and which counts with the support of more than a hundred Heads of State and Nobel Prizes, has decided that Argentina should be the city where this worldwide campaign should begin.

The Ambassador Korchagin showed his admiration towards ”that great man, an example for all generations” and he also stated that it was his desire as well as his country’s to solve the mystery of Wallenberg’s disappearance. ”Unfortunately many documents of that period were destroyed, something that considerably hinders the task”, the diplomat pointed out.

Translation: Nora Belletieri