Letter from Carlos A. Rossi, Argentine Senator

National Senate

Buenos Aires, April 5, 2006
H.E. Vladimir Putin
President of The Russian Federation

Dear Mr. President,

I have the pleasure to address myself toYour Excellency to inquire about the whereabouts of the Swedish Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Consequently I am joining an international movement that has already gathered over 20.000 signatures. The purpose of the campaign is to recuperate a man who never hesitated to risk his own life to save thousands of people in the Hungarian territory, condemned to death by Adolph Hitler’s genocidal plan.

Raoul Wallenberg’s deeds represent truly historical and universal humanitarian values like solidarity for the defenseless and unjustly harassed, and courage to defend everyone’s right to live. As an Argentinean legislator, I consider that the international community, and especially the free countries, must make the maximum effort to endorse the campaign that prompts the appearance of the Nordic hero.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Carlos A. Rossi
Argentine Senator

Translation: Ileana Cheszes

Original en español