September 9, 2004

Wallenberg Foundation receives donation of historical documents

The archives of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation received a series of important documents, part of late Carl Levine’s personal collection, as a donation after his wife’s death.

Mr. Levine was very active in spreading Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy. In 1997 the United States Postal Service issued a Raoul Wallenberg Stamp following his initiative. Original letters, as well as material from the Second day issuance ceremony were donated to the IRWF. The Foundation will add the documents to its own collection of stamps issued in Argentina, Sweden and Israel, among other countries.

Photographs and official letters related to the naming of a street after Raoul Wallenberg in Fort Collins, Colorado, are part of the documentation donated by the Levines

The donation includes a copy of the manuscript of Carl Levine’s play ”Wallenberg still lives”; original newspaper articles regarding Raoul Wallenberg’s fate; the Congressional record of November 15th 1983, which includes Tom Lantos’ speech: ”Raoul Wallenberg: Tribute to a lost Hero” and a proclamation signed by Ann Azari, Mayor of Fort Collins, declaring April 25, 1997 as Raoul Wallenberg Commemorative Stamp Day, among other documents.