October 15, 2001

A triangle entering the water


During the Second World War, 15,670 non-Jewish people sacrificed their lives to save those of Hebrews persecuted by Nazis: they were the righteous gentiles, who will have their own monument-homage in the Buenos Aires coast.

The architects Claudio Veckstein and Nora Vitorgan Maltz, on request by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, created a monumental triangle: two of its faces coexist with the River Plate and the third one is related to the Memory Park.

There you can take a few pathways: a runway surrounds the monument; and a pathway made of earth embankments has a concrete platform suspended, facing Jerusalem.

Through a ramp, people get to a semi-buried chapel, protected by the monument and with a small crack in the ceiling allowing sunlight to come in. In that place seats are installed so that 200 people can get together for reflection.

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